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Sharepoint module

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Project 1 (SharePoint Citability Template)



Provide a template for the Citability data format.  Deliverables will include SharePoint 2007 and (2010?) templates for upload to a SharePoint server to provide pre-configured site for citing and using data.  This template content should include a populated help/FAQ list, citation list, document repository, and a discussion list.  Additional functionality can be included such as WIKI capabilities for extended discussion for citations and even simple intelligence mining on the included data.


This will be the "Hosting Friendly" project - allowing no-code installation. 


To be determined:

  Will a custom workflow activity be needed for push to Archive Server?  Thinking not if the archive server also has an email receive or http POST functionality, but need to validate that with the archive spec.


Pull functionality for providing independant copies of the cited document probably will require either a custom workflow activity, a custom event handler or both (probably both for most flexiblity and coverage of skills and scale for users.)  I would recommend this functionality in the Hosting Friendly project type be targeted to the 2010 generation of SharePoint because of the ability to implement Sandboxed Functionality.  This is fairly important for hosted solutions to prevent resource over-allocation.


Project Lead: 


Project Team

Name Role(s) E-mail Webpage IM contact info Comments



Where it is hosted?

Test environment?



links to Design documents

links to Reference docs



Release X

Release Y


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