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Citability Codeathon

brought to you by the League of Technical Voters and Microsoft

Feb. 26th - 28th

postponed due to weather April 10,11

Microsoft Corporation

5404 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 700 

Chevy Chase, MD 20814

(301) 771-8000

Metro: Friendship Heights

Ensuring the government keeps up as the world goes digital

Citability.org and the dcodeathon.com are compatible League of Technical voters projects aimed at improving government accessibility and accountability. We want to ensure all online information is readily available and easily referenced. By using advanced permalinks as citations, users can point to specific parts of government documents. Permalinks allow for stable, long-term reference points to documents, prohibiting deletion of important information, and allowing for a better flow of information online.


Our goal is to create open source tools to allow any government entity to easily become citable on the internet. But to do that, we'll need your help!


At our Codeathon, you'll write and develop the tools necessary to bring this project to fruition, and then have the opportunity to showcase those tools to government members.

What is a codeathon?

It is a weekend long event where we work together to create and finish open source projects to solve a problem. It's free! And food, drinks and entertainment will be provided.

How does this work?

1) We recruit programmers from various platforms to create a citation tool in their framework


2) We work together to make sure our tools are interoperable with other platforms


3) We gather for a weekend to finish up and showcase our projects


All projects must be open source, universal and for a non-profit organization. For more information, check out


or watch the video


Why get involved?

We want to create citability tools that everyone can use. With a wide range of project options, there's something fun and challenging available for everyone!


Project options include:


  • Easy to use plugin/modules for major open source platforms, such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Mediawiki
  • Toolsets in Django, asp.net and others
  • Interoperable, clonable archive server tools such as OGDI, Ubuntu Cloud, and EC2



We strongly encourage participants to visit our online wiki at http://dccodeathon.pbworks.com/Project ahead of time, choose a project and start designing. When it's Codeathon weekend, we'll only have time left for coding!

Please feel free to add your own project here!

Event Schedule:

  • Friday, Feb. 26th - 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. - Project Interop - We will create teams and flush out the architecture
  • Saturday, Feb. 27th - 8 a.m., through Sunday, Feb. 28th at 4 p.m. - Brainstorming, coding and designing.
  • Sunday, Feb. 28th - 4 p.m. - Show off a little! We'll have opportunities for you to demonstrate your project, and we'll record the demonstrations and post them online.


Learn more about Citability at http://citability.pbworks.com/Onepager or www.citability.org


Some specific projects for specific groups!


Microsoft Developers will be interested in are:



Ubuntu Developers:



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