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Notes From March 3, 2010

Attending: Silona & Josh Gay


Possible focus of Codeathon could be to create:

  • Archive citability server service
  • Container format for permalinks/citations
  • Client software library/API that interacts (via pubsubhubbub) with server.
  • Modules for wordpress, mediawiki, and Drupal.

What do people need to in order to be able to quickly up and running at the codeathon.

  1. High-level breakdown and description of the various projects that will be worked on and ways to contribute to the pool of ideas of projects that will be worked on. This should include:
    • A simple breakdown of what is envisioned thusfar. This should be a flowchart or diagram that shows the various components: server, clients, information flow between them, etc. 
    • Short descriptions of the core components of each system. A minimum set of goals so that "success" can be reached for each subproject (and a way to revise these goals, etc). 
    • A breakdown of what kinds of work can be contributed for each project. 
  2. The various data formats, which may include: 
    • A container format (e.g., Atom) for passing citations and request client/server information
    • The format of citations/permalinks
  3. Information on what tools and accounts are needed for collaboration, this might include:
    • Accounts and access on this (pbworks.com) wiki and the ability to make changes to the citability documentation pages. Other places we will begin keeping notes, harvesting links, etc?
    • Accounts and access to project tracking, planning, and repository system (Launchpad?).
    • Access to servers or shared file systems (esp. for media files) that will be used for testing, deployment, et al. 
  4. A breakdown of the who's who, etc. For example, who has volunteered to be the current point-person or admin for each subproject, server, etc. And who can help you with accounts, admin stuff, etc. 



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