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The League of Technical Voters is extremely pleased to invite you to see live, working demos of Citability on real government websites at the DC Codeathon on April 11 from 4 – 6PM EST.



Background & Overview of Citability

Citability is an important step towards promoting informed participation by the public and an increase in governmental transparency and accountability. In keeping with the tenets of the January 21, 2009 Presidential memo on Open Government and transparency, the objective of Citability.org is to web-enable publicly available government documents and make them citable at a paragraph level, allowing citizens to cite governmental documents on a useful, unique level. 


Citations can be as simple as linking to a specific paragraph in a policy by a blogger or as complex as a group of attorneys and judges debating a regulation. Imagine the level of community participation an advocacy organization could create by having an authoritative source for budget line items!   Or the support a nonprofit could receive by pointing to specific budgetary links to available funding sources for its cause or perhaps justify to its constituency why their donations would help more.


Most Government officials we have spoken to are extremely supportive of the concept of Citability.  The importance of citations to show accuracy & authority is well understood.  Often, the concern is about cost!  The League of Technical Voters and Microsoft are therefore thrilled to support this event to create free and open source code to demonstrate that Citability does not have to be expensive to be feasible.


Event Details

Programmers and designers will gather to work all weekend to create live demos to showcase Citability for you.  Please come and see the fruits of our labor on April 11, 2010 at the Microsoft Building at the Friendship Heights Metro stop in the DC area. Please sign up to attend at http://dccodeathon.eventbrite.com so we can reserve your seat! 

Knowing that you are attending helps inspire our programmers to do the work that they do.  After all, they are not being paid!


Date:     April 11, 2010

Time:     4:00PM – 6:00PM EST


5404 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 700

Chevy Chase, MD 20814

(301) 771-8000


What to Expect

Come and see some of our exciting new projects – here is a peek at some of what you can expect:

  • View new video annotation tools so people can cite a specific part of a video and can also tag those citations with different levels of access to annotate on NYSenate.gov!
  • Demonstration of how to archive, version and cite live changing datasets while using a minimum amount of storage space on Recovery.gov! 
  • See how archive servers can be cloned to other organizations where they can separately add their own annotations.
  • Explore how our archive server can help divergent agencies share data more easily. 
  • Proposed integration of existing citation standards like Dublin Core, URN:LEX, and microformats.


Event sponsored by Microsoft and the League of Technical Voters.

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