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For Volunteer Tasks that are not coding


I wanna do it!
Start Time/End Time
  JavaScript that hashes the content and then Pings the archive server to see if archived
  Javacript that return the citable URL to the original site 
  Python Web app to sit on top of Bazaar that lets people create url's similar to http://uscodeexplorer.appspot.com and walk through them and the diffs (also borrow code from loggerhead app)            
  PDF parser to put legal documents in a granular format
  Tool to capture Blob objects like images, video, datasets and put in storage - give IDs for citability
  Second Tier Parsers that have already cloned data from source archive server and have added additional format  for client
  Tool to help create Dublin Core meta data on CMS applications  like Drupal, DotNetNuke, Wordpress
  Web app to intuitively expose Dublin Core meta data on archive server
  Tool to help create URN:LEX meta data on CMS applications  like Drupal, dotnetnuke, Wordpress            
  Web app to intuitively expose URN:LEX meta data on archive server
  Web app to allow crowdsourcing annotation of Earmarks in legislation
  granular parser for legal documentation



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