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What is citability.org?

Citability supports making public government documents and data available online and citable such that they can be easily referenced for public debate, commentary and analysis.  This requires that archived versions of documents be stored and linkable so that changes can be easily spotted and reference links remain intact.


We will make the implementation of citability free and easy for government employees by providing modifications to free open source software, new free software, and extensions to existing proprietary systems.  Read about how we plan to accomplish these goals on the Citability Wiki.  Consider Signing the Petition.


Help us create the citability tools!


This event will bring together programmers and designers, in a fun environment supported by free food and drinks, to exchange ideas and work together to build free, open software that makes a real world impact.  We will have government officials on hand so that, at the conclusion of the event, we will have the opportunity to showcase the new tools directly to government groups who are already excited about being able to use them.  What we build could immediately affect the availability and accessibility of government information and lead directly to greater transparency.


Take a look at the Projects or suggest your own!


More information

This event was held April 9-11 at microsoft offices!  Please check out http://citability.pbworks.com to find out about when our next event is! 

See who else is attending! check out the Schedule of Events!


Read more about Citability

DC Codeathon OnePager

DC Codeathon Printable Flyer

Why Government Officials and Employees should attend on April 11 4-6PM


Physical location

Microsoft Corporation

5404 Wisconsin Ave, Ste. 700

Chevy Chase, MD 20814


Check the sidebar for additional information!



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