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Page history last edited by Silona Bonewald 13 years, 10 months ago

Graphical representation of the Citability architecture


I figure we will have several levels of projects at the codeathon:


  1. Standard discussions: Citations in general, page markup, parsers, archive server cloning, dataset citations, URL formats
  2. DEMO: CMS Adapters that publish the data with the proper URLs and formatted data (like for .Net, Wordpress, Drupal, and DotNetNuke)
  3. DEMO: Archive servers and cloud services (like  Azure, ODGI, EC2, and Ubuntu's cloud)
  4. Future demos: Projects that could be built on this citable data (like Annotation tools, Video Tagging)


Volunteer Task list         Coding Task List



Project List

Project name WebPage Link! CREATE A PAGE!
Project Team (lead in BOLD)
Description Codeathon Progress
Markup for widgets that pull from live datasets
 Mr Flip from infochimps
MARCH 20-21
Bazaar archive setup on Azure
Bazaar on Azure setup
Jon Udell
 Import and archiving of citable dataset in OGDI / Sharepoint

Citable datasets in OGDI
4/8 - DC  In progress. 
Creating archive server of ubuntu and EC2 AMI
Bazaar Archive Server David Strauss MARCH 20-21
In progress.  See launchpad details on link
Sharepoint demo for AU


IE browser plugin for Citability
  Reframeit team
 PDF scraper and parser of legal documents
  Brian Gannon
March 20-21
VIdeo Citation and Tagging tool
  Kurt Bollacker
Bazaar API wrapper
 Ben and David
Drupal Project
Drupal Project  
Net CMS demo of citations
 .Net Demo
Django module Django module Chris @communicating
versioning visualization tool - sits on top of properly formatted documents WebAppforArchive  Mike Hanson?   similar to uscodeexplorer
URN:LEX parser for Italy and Brazil

microformat standard group for URL citation and HTML markup  put link here to Microformat wiki

Chris from Reframeit

 Citations in MAPPING
Labrina and Katie
DEMO: NYSenate.gov Video
Kurt and Silona
 http://legislink.org and http://legislink.wikispaces.com/
 Joe Carmel
RDFa parser



Project Guidelines


Project Criteria:

You can use this page to sign up early for events you are interested in, or to propose new projects. Work at the events won't be restricted to projects posted on this list. Anything is fair game as long as it meets the following criteria:

  1. Non-profit relevance: Software should be useful to non-profit organizations.
  2. General relevance: Software should have a wide variety of applications to different organizations and situations, as opposed to being tailor-made for one specific organization.
  3. Open source: All software developed will be open source... this is a charity event!


Project Responsibility:

You own your project! We are providing tools and an environment to facilitate ideas, productivity, fun, teambuilding... but ultimately you, the volunteers, own what you create and are responsible for taking it where you want to go.


Do you hope to integrate your project with another piece of software being developed at the codeathon? Coordinate your design with the other team early. Do you have aspirations of widespread adoption? We'll showcase projects on the wiki after we're done, but reach out to your target audience and spread the word. Are you creating a longer-term project? Try to recruit volunteers who want to continue development, or even a project lead who will carry the torch after the event.


Project Pages:

It is highly recommended that each project create its own wiki page for the team to collaborate, and for other interested parties to find out details about the project. You are free to use this sample project page as a template.


Other Thoughts


Project Leads:

I added a column for "Project Lead" as a suggestion that project teams (designers and coders together) elect a project lead who will make sure the project "succeeds," whatever a team takes that to mean. For example:

  • Posting and maintaining a project webpage with the finished software after the codeathon
  • Recruiting volunteers who want to continue development after the codeathon
  • All of the above, or something completely different


Comments (2)

zBeer said

at 4:31 am on Mar 23, 2010

G'day all - (Silona knows why I'm commenting here ;) ) Will be attending virtually (timezones and family willing) from Australia via IRC (or Twitter?) - would be nice to know the IRC details in advance of course :) Oh - and goes without saying, best of luck to all attending and look forward "meeting" people and to seeing awesome stuff happen!
Chris Beer - Canberra, Australia

Jon Verville said

at 4:04 pm on Apr 10, 2010

Not sure if anyone has heard of citebite.com, but it allows you to have a link to a webpage and you can specifc with the URL what section of the page to highlight as the citation, here is an example: http://pages.citebite.com/g2k2w9t4q8tkq

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